Website performance tuning

Open your browser and go to your company website. How fast did it load? If it takes more than two or three seconds to load your site, you are loosing potential customers. These days people who search the Internet have extremely short attention spans and little patience. When they click a link to your site, then will only wait two or three seconds for a response. If you page has not loaded by that time, they are likely to click on the next link down the page.

Then you’ve lost them. You will have also wasted all the time and money you spent on SEO to get them to see your link in the first place! And, your Google ranking can suffer if your website is too slow. Nothing turns off a potential customer more than a website that is slow, or worse yet, never loads!

Call us. We will tune your website to load as quickly as possible and save your rankings, your SEO dollars, and your Internet reputation.